Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Writing net neutrality into law - update

Kevin Drum writes an article for

Net Neutrality

Which is contiued as Net Neutrality 2

Best comment by the author: "As near as I can tell, most telecom CEOs would sell their mothers into white slavery"

Stupidest comment by a commenter (Al): "In the free market if that [corporations do something immoral] happens, customers would stop using the telecom's broadband and so they will close as a business. So we don't have to worry about that. "

The comments from the commenters are across the board,

from the socialist view: Posted by: "Cap'n Phealy" and "MonkeyBoy"

to the well thought out: Posted by: "Nathan Florea" and "Joe Buck"

to the horribly naive: Posted by: "bukowski" and "Al"

to the crimminally fascist: "FreedomWorks" with Dick Armey, Chairman
- (thanks to "jrockoford" for exposing these crimminals)

Thanks also to "Osama_Been_Forgotten" for
reminding me that EFF.ORG also discusses these issues

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