Sunday, April 30, 2006

double boycotte

Those who employ or otherwise enable illegal aliens should be boycotted. As such, some of are promoting the idea of another boycotte. We are going shopping Monday, and anybody who closes for the boycotte will be boycotted after Monday by CITIZENS.

They recall the revolution. I recall the war of 1812, when we repeled another bunch of illegal aliens.

Lawbreakers and their supporters will try to ralley on Monday. I hope we are watching to see who are the accomplices in their crimes.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Writing net neutrality into law - update

Kevin Drum writes an article for

Net Neutrality

Which is contiued as Net Neutrality 2

Best comment by the author: "As near as I can tell, most telecom CEOs would sell their mothers into white slavery"

Stupidest comment by a commenter (Al): "In the free market if that [corporations do something immoral] happens, customers would stop using the telecom's broadband and so they will close as a business. So we don't have to worry about that. "

The comments from the commenters are across the board,

from the socialist view: Posted by: "Cap'n Phealy" and "MonkeyBoy"

to the well thought out: Posted by: "Nathan Florea" and "Joe Buck"

to the horribly naive: Posted by: "bukowski" and "Al"

to the crimminally fascist: "FreedomWorks" with Dick Armey, Chairman
- (thanks to "jrockoford" for exposing these crimminals)

Thanks also to "Osama_Been_Forgotten" for
reminding me that EFF.ORG also discusses these issues

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Net Neutrality

The Coalition is gearing up a battle for Net Neutrality, in order to insure we all have equal access to the Net. Are they right? Well, IMHO, partially. I agree with most of what they say, except that I believe the public corporations who invested capitol in the networks should be able to charge more for a "fast lane" and less for routine traffic.

It just makes sense that if you want the highest priority - for instance a telephone call - you need to pay extra to get it. OTOH, I do believe regulations should be in place to prohibit blocking traffic based on site ownership or content. The Net belongs to us, the users, and allowing corporations (or governments) to block traffic is just wrong (except perhaps, as an act of war).