Saturday, January 31, 2009

end of month, no roundup

I have decided to discontinue the idea of an end of month summary, opting instead for quarterly summaries, since I don't post often enough to merit monthly summaries.

I also don't expect to post quite as often this year.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A little doom and gloom

The United States, unless it suddenly finds a revival of religious intensity, will wither and die in the next few years. A mentality of "safety" has overtaken the mentality of adventure that once made U.S. great.

This idea of "safety" has permeated our society from top to bottom, and is the same poison whether it is the Patriot Act infringing our freedoms, or a judge allowing a jury to hear a lawsuit that really is frivolous (but he doesn't say it is, because his mind is just as poisoned as the plaintiff's), or the jury itself, that awards money to the "victim" who was really victimized by their own stupidity or greed.

Here is some background info on the same subject. Much of what is below was the precipitating factor, causing me to write this entry. It is an interesting coincidence that two blogs I read have such similar subjects on the same day.

Police and government using harassment to enhance public "safety" by interfering with liberty of citizens.

The problem shows up in the form of lawsuits:

The courts now favor "safety from drugs" above the constitution.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a little on economics

I am observing a trend towards higher gas prices this spring. I can't see them getting to $3 a gallon this year, but $2.40 is not out of the question.

The economy is still dragging, and will for some time in the future. Obama is inheriting a lethargic economy that will thwart any and all efforts to get it moving. At least at first. Some months down the line (I still think it will be after 2010) things will get moving again. What we, as a nation do will not change the time line that much - but will ultimately decide if the economy roars back to life with the US leading the world into prosperity, or the world leading us into ruin.

So what is a person to do? The same as always. Before the crash and after the crash, the same five principles are the ones to remember. (The Bible has many passages about money, and many more that only seem to be about money, but all of the ones about money can be summed up 98% accurately by these five rules)

1. Work industriously.
This can mean working to get ahead in your job, or
working towards getting a better job.
2. Live frugally.
You can never really know how frugal you need to be,
unless you realise hot water, central heat, and AC are
luxuries (at least in 80% of the coutry)
3. Give generously.
It is always up to you to decide how generously.
God loves a cheerful giver.
(Should be kept in balance with number 4)
4. Save methodically.
This could mean anything from squirrelling something
away for a rainy day, to rolling over your 401k and
keeping your real estate holdings profitable.
All depends on your station in life.
(Should be in balance with number 3 however.)
5. Most importantly, leave the results to God.
Life is an endeavor where you can do everything
right and still wind up broke.
But faith teaches that our true rewards are in the afterlife.

Friday, January 09, 2009

14 thugs and a coward

The UN security council voted to call a cease fire in Gaza in the midst of Israel's attempt to stop Hamas from its continued military actions - firing rocket and mortars from Gaza into Israel. Sadly, the US demonstrated cowardice, by not standing up to this despotic behavior. Despite the obviousness of Hamas's war crimes, such as using women, children, and other noncombatants as human shields, the only person I have heard state plainly that Hamas is in the wrong is President Bush. And he has failed to reign in Sec. of State Rice.

The sad fact is that a large portion of the world has chosen, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, to believe a lie. There may be some explanation of this willingness to disreguard the truth, as many of our institutions, including our government have been infiltrated.

Update on the US decision to abstain:
It seems Pres. Bush did reign in Sec. of State Rice, at least somewhat.
This post by Caroline Glick gives details.