Author Information

 You can now use the comments on this blog to pass some private info to me.  

Because all comments to this blog are now moderated, you can now post things like your personal e-mail address to a comment on a current article, and I will get the address and delete the comment, so that the whole world can't see it.  

Note, I cannot edit comments, I have to delete the whole thing.

It is important to state, right up front that you are providing your e-mail to me in the comment, and make the comment as plain as possible.  Also important to not post the comment anonymously, as I tend to delete anonymous comments and might delete yours by mistake. 

Munging the e-mail address helps too, as some e-mail addresses are automatically flagged as Spam, by the google engine that runs behind this blog.

(Munged means using this format:
  albundy at yahoo dot com )

I intend to continue monitoring this website through the end of 2017.    Check back on this page for updates.