Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Just a note here today, that I found a couple good essays on Beliefnet.

Bear Stearns and Moral Bankruptcy

The Insanity of Black Liberation Theology

Monday, April 28, 2008

Slimeballs and heros

This month I have two heroes, but I don't know their names.

In Arlington TX, a man refuses to be a victim, and his quick thinking son backed him up.

"One man was stabbed and his two partners are at large after a home invasion went wrong for them Monday evening, police said."

The other is in Inglewood TN. It should be noted that in many, less civilised parts of the country, the robber would have been the only one allowed by law to have a gun during the holdup, possibly resulting in the killing of the store clerk, and undoubtedly leading to more robberies of other stores.

From the news account:
"A would-be robber at an Inglewood liquor store was shot and killed Saturday night after a customer opened fire" Metro police said. "A citizen, like a police officer, has the right to utilize deadly force if there is a threat of serious bodily injury or harm," Police Capt. David Imhof said.

I am certain there are just as many slimeballs as always out there, but I have been kinda busy this month and haven't had time to research any of them.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

credit card banking

I write on occasion about the immorality of major corporations, and the banking and credit industry in particular. I don't have too many war stories of my own (excepting one bank I dealt with who sold my information to one of their "partners" who attempted to swindle me out of $153 for a "free" credit report that I did not order and they did not send. That little indecent took a few days to clean up and a couple dozen phone calls.

The bigger wars happen from time to time, and on occasion I get to read about someone with good writing skills who has to fight one of these wars. This one is a lawyer. Poor choice of someone to scam. Still, they managed to create a swindle scam that is running into weeks for him to get straightened out. I think he should sue them for lost wages for the time he has had to spend fighting them.