Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Markets stumble

We seem to have a stumbling in the markets. While I am not an expert on world markets, the news I hear seems to indicate either one of two causes. One is Greenspan said something about a possible resession, and the other is the collapse of the SubPrime Lending sector.

The SubPrime Lending Sector seems to be the culprit. Odd how a downturn in a practice that can best be described as slimball can cause a nationwide economic stumble.

Good Forbes Article

Some Good Background from Forbes


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Judges finally get one right

About time one of these cities got their hand slapped for ignoring the Constitution.

Gun ban Struck down

When was the last time you remembergood newsout of Washington?

AntiAmerican subversives, such as the Brady Center and HCI, are enraged, of course. As are other carreer criminals.

Now we must hope others on the bench will act wisely to help return this country to its rightful place as a beacon of liberty.