Sunday, July 16, 2006

parallels to 1982 Lebanon

Just a note that the current state of affairs in Lebanon has some parallels to the 1982 "Operation Peace of the Galilee."

There is even the parallel that the UN, favoring terrorists was already rewriting history

On 10 July 1981, after a period of peace, violence erupted
inSouth Lebanon. According to the U.N. Secretary-General, the
Israeli air force bombarded Palestinian targets in south Lebanon, and later that
day Palestinian elements fired artillery and rockets into northern Israel.
However, according to the Federal Research Division of theLibrary of
, "Israel responded to PLO rocket attacks on northern Israeli
settlements by bombing PLO encampments in southern Lebanon."

I remember that day. The news reported the attacks by the PLO and several hours later had a breaking news story showing the Israeli AF retaliation in Lebanon.


Monday, July 10, 2006


I get really tired of hearing the argument that we need a "counterfeit proof" national ID card (usually coupled with the snake oil assumption that it must include biometric data) as a way of stopping illegal immigrants. This is disingenuous. All that is needed is for the employer to be able to check government records and find out if the data given by new hires is valid.

Employment is not like gaining entry to a club where alcohol is served, or cashing a check for groceries. Those transactions need to be completed in a matter of seconds - an employer should be spending some real time checking into who they are allowing to work at their business.

On a similar note (disingenuousness), since there has been no incidents of flag burning for about 40 years - why would congress be considering a constitutional amendment to ban it?

Has to be an ulterior motive. Anyone have an idea what the motives might be?