Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blog Labels

This is a detailed list of my LABELS.

Listed here for the purpose of making it easier to find any articles on any subject that I have written on. I will modify this article from time to time, to correct errors or in case I add some new topic of interest.

This label lists a series of articles on how to Study the Bible. The long version of the name is "Bible Studies 101" I will remove older articles from this whenever I replace them with newer versions.

This label includes all items posted with the goal of teaching others how to study the Bible. I am beginning to split this out, using this heading for motivational stuff and older articles and a new one "Bible Study 101" for the actual study guide.

Articles removed from "Bible Study 101" will be found here.

This label includes information and stuff about the process of blogging itself.

Border Security
This label includes all articles discussing the building of the Border Fence and other security measures, also includes information on the enemies of our boarder security efforts.

This label includes reviews of books I am reading,
Or have read over the past few years,
Or that I want to read, but haven't the time.

This label includes stuff about cars and trucks

And many other forms of personal transportation,
Including those with two wheels.

This label includes discussion on how Christians should live.
Authority for How Christians should live is the Bible.
But we need to look at 1 Corinthians 5
And balance it with Romans 15

This label includes stuff that I have removed tags from. Some de-tagged articles could be stuff that I have written a more updated article on, or stuff that I no longer consider it worthy of anyone spending time on. I won't remove the article, or pretend I didn't write it, but will just change it to this label.

Disaster Prep
This label includes information on what we should be doing now to prepare for disasters

This label includes discussions about Digital Rights Management, Copyright Enforcement, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the Jackbooted thugs at RIAA and MPAA and some other producers.

This label includes all kinds of stuff on economics, whether world economics or national. Or micro economics which, for my definition, includes economics of a single business, household, or even a single process (like driving to work).

This label includes discussion of all forms of energy,
both mainstream and alternative.
Oil, Coal, Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Home grown, imported -- etc
and the energy situations of other countries

This label includes information on current, future, and past epidemics,
their expected impact,
and what we should be doing to deal with those epidemics.

This label includes discussions on corporations,
their behavior, and how they undermine our prosperity,
our rights as citizens, and our sovereignty as a nation.

This label includes various heretical teachings, from prosperity preachers
to politicians mis-using biblical teachings for political purposes, to others
using quasi or pseudo scriptural ideas to support pseudo christian beliefs.

This label includes things conservatives do that will hamstring them, or that show they are not really conservative, but rather, doing what is right for big corporations or the very rich. Also included are things that will reduce our ability to remain a free and prosperous country.

Retiree Issues

Planned - but there are no articles under this heading.

This label includes stuff, including technology, that have vanished over the last 20 or so years, due to manufactures going out of business, production costs for too few items, or excessive greed on the part of patent holders.

The long name for this is "Observations and Definitions"
Just a place to put short articles that are
not much more than a paragraph,
Any observation, definition, or quick link to a good article.

Short for "The November Chronicles"

This label includes evidence of the "coming storm" and the decline and fall of the American Nation. Primarily, five things are leading to this "coming storm" Overpopulation, Overspending, Apathy, Islam, and Environmentalism.

This label includes notes on my personal life and things happening around me personally.

This label includes articles about state and national politics, and the goings on of international or foreign government bodies and agencies.

This label includes stuff I found where people have behaved in despicable ways. I thought about migrating this to the heading of Weasel, hat tip to the author of Dilbert for the term.

But instead, I have decided to depreciate it.
In Geekspeak, this means that
while I won't immediately delete it,
I won't be using it any more.

This label includes,
As the banner on my blog reads:
Discussions of Technology, and How We Use or Misuse it.


Pilgrim said...

Perhaps the label "Boarder Security" could include measures taken at ski resorts to protect pariah snowboarders from violent skiers.

Or safety tips for those who rent?


Leave it to me to point out a typo and mock it.

TRex said...

Glad you gave away the punch line at the end, or I would have had to go ask someone what you were talking about :-)

Oh, man, I wish I had noticed it six months ago, I will take a while to fix. But thanks none the less, at least now I can get to work on it.

TRex said...

After much procrastination, and some work, I got the labels changedc. Thanks for showing me.

Always trying to overcome ignorance.