Monday, April 28, 2008

Slimeballs and heros

This month I have two heroes, but I don't know their names.

In Arlington TX, a man refuses to be a victim, and his quick thinking son backed him up.

"One man was stabbed and his two partners are at large after a home invasion went wrong for them Monday evening, police said."

The other is in Inglewood TN. It should be noted that in many, less civilised parts of the country, the robber would have been the only one allowed by law to have a gun during the holdup, possibly resulting in the killing of the store clerk, and undoubtedly leading to more robberies of other stores.

From the news account:
"A would-be robber at an Inglewood liquor store was shot and killed Saturday night after a customer opened fire" Metro police said. "A citizen, like a police officer, has the right to utilize deadly force if there is a threat of serious bodily injury or harm," Police Capt. David Imhof said.

I am certain there are just as many slimeballs as always out there, but I have been kinda busy this month and haven't had time to research any of them.


Anonymous said...

I gotta note the Music industry and why I could care less what happens to them. There are a certain number of albums I have purchased many times in all the formats. vynal, 8 track, cassette and CD. I was given a KD Lang 'Shadow land' a few years ago and it became one of my must always haves and it was lost. I bought another. It was damaged and bought still another. Now I can burn my own from ripping them and saving the original as a Master. If a friend asks me, I will burn one for them. I have had most Beatle albusm in many formats. mainly vynal and casette, a few CD's. No more will I give them a dime. I should have a license to buy at cost, any music I originally purchased because the records and tapes and CD are easily damaged and worn, lost or stolen, or quit working for mysterious reasons.

You cannot tell me the whole music industry has not considered the extra sales due to materials that are not durable in any sense of the word. Even projects profits from that. Even a well kept CD has a life span of maybe 5 years?

And some of these enlightened artists affect our young in negative ways and promote crap nobody wants kids to hear.

I could care less who jacks them and I doubt it will destroy a free market cuz they are in a catagory all by themselves. A bullshit market of unbelievable wealth and nonsense.


Anonymous said...

I'll ad the same crud goes for movies. There are approx 50 movies I have purchased 2 3 4 and 5 times over the years. I purchased the complete Lord of the Rings set in three different releases I admit I can now get them in the bargian bin or on sale but the point remains. LOTR's have many CD's and when one is lost or damaged a whole set is worthless.

I love an hate the whole media industry! lol