Sunday, April 13, 2008

credit card banking

I write on occasion about the immorality of major corporations, and the banking and credit industry in particular. I don't have too many war stories of my own (excepting one bank I dealt with who sold my information to one of their "partners" who attempted to swindle me out of $153 for a "free" credit report that I did not order and they did not send. That little indecent took a few days to clean up and a couple dozen phone calls.

The bigger wars happen from time to time, and on occasion I get to read about someone with good writing skills who has to fight one of these wars. This one is a lawyer. Poor choice of someone to scam. Still, they managed to create a swindle scam that is running into weeks for him to get straightened out. I think he should sue them for lost wages for the time he has had to spend fighting them.

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