Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Day Without Immigrants

Is much like any other day, if you don't go downtown in big cities.

I do suggest building a list of major corporations that closed May 1st.

Start with Tyson.

I won't be knowingly buying from Tyson this month.
(I think a month is practical)


Aleksandr said...

As I commented on Rob’s blog, as long as the Spanish TV and Radio stations were working there is no real boycott.

markmiller3083702829 said...
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Rob said...

I dig the new tagline at top, TRex.

I finally got an answer about why I am out of service. They're having scripting issues and promise my site will be up by tomorrow. In the meantime, you can catch me at my old blogspot hunting grounds.

P.S. Mark Miller's quite enthused about college, huh?