Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Border Fence Hoax

Looks like the Border Fence project, which would have upgraded the fence along a portion of one of the two borders, might be just a political scam.


The above link is not the only one. A google search for
the four words: border fence dispute Mexico
will yield plenty of links.


Aleksandr said...

Although I am against the fance, since fances just help keep us in and not our enemies out, it still makes you wonder why they just do not want to close the border.

What we should do instead of the fence is inforce the rules already on the books, and kick illegals out whenever they are caught and have large fines and public trials for companies that hire them.

TRex said...

There are two weaknesses in not having the border fenced. First is a good strong fence with survielence will reduce the raw numbers of illegals we have to deal with (in the moderately distant future) and second, no all of them come here to work.

I heard someone else say that the fence would do no good because half of the illegals are people who overstay their visa's. Well, first, it would help with the other half, and second it would help with those who would be simply driving (or moving underground) with hundreds of pounds of contraband on board.

Basically my philosophy is we need to not only bail out the water in the boat - but also need to plug the holes.

BTW - after traveling the world, I like it here. There is no place like home :-)


dw said...

If I had no job, no place to live and no free lunch I am quite sure I would immigrate to a better place legal or not.

Enforce existing law and 12 to 20 million will immigrate to a better place and it will be all legal for all partys involved.

I need a running mate. One a you guys interested?

I am dw and I am running for president. I am also dying to kiss your baby and your ass if you will vote for me.