Monday, November 05, 2007

November Chronicle Part 2

Haven't written much in here in the past month. Had to do some soul searching. Among other things, I have been wondering what I will do in the not too distant future. Unless Fred Thompson wins the presidency, or unless there is a conservative uprising (yeah, I know they have been predicting a resurgence for a few years now), it will become very dangerous to speak the truth on the net in a couple of years. Not that anything will happen right away, but archives of what we write will be kept longer and longer, and will be scrutinized in the future for evidence of "hate speech" towards Islamists, social progressive race baiters, gay (and child molester) rights activists, evangelical atheists, and other assorted groups. In other words they will be watching for who is willing to tell the truth, so they can criminalize us.

White House helped Craft Bill
Jail Grandma for Hate Speech
Bible as Hate Speech
Hate Speech Laws (Conservative Voice)
Hate Speech Laws (Interfaith)
Google Calls Christian Advertisement Hate Speech

An old Russian Proverb says: Speak the truth, then leave quickly.

I thought briefly about taking this blog down, but then I can't easily remove my comments from several other blogs where I have spoken on these topics. In addition, I ran across the words "stand fast" in my Bible (Ephesians 6:13), and decided the best course of action for the near future is to forge ahead.

So here goes.

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Anonymous said...

Amen brother.