Tuesday, December 16, 2008

more improved blog reading

This is a follow up to the first note I posted on blog following.

As I have explored some of this thing called "blog following" I have found it works well for any blogs that you like to read, as long as they don't update too often. In other words, they work best for following blogs that update only a couple times a week, providing a way to see that they have updated without having to repeatedly go visit their site.

It does have a few drawbacks though. One is it won't notice if there are new comments on the site you are following. Another is I see no way to put a list of the blogs I am following on my front page in such a way that others can see if those blogs have updated. You can, however, click on my profile and see what blogs I am following (but not wheter or not they have updated).

I have also found that some people follow blogs through RSS. Don't know much about that yet, nor do I know much about blog rolling. I have seen an article on blogrolling that may provide what I am looking for, to show if other blogs have updated.

Meanwhile, keep reading the Gospel According to Luke, and I look forward next year to getting more posted on the subject of Bible Studies.

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