Friday, May 15, 2009

Democrats - Lies, Corruption, and FlipFlops

I find it seriously annoying that I spend so much time on this subject, but the corruption and damage to our nation has just been breathtaking.

One of the leading figures in the Democratic party, Nancy Pelosi has been lying about knowing that the CIA's aggressive interrogations were going on. And what a shame, those interrogations , while bordering on torture, may have saved thousands of lives.

The Democrat controlled press has been covering up the roots of the Mortgage Meltdown
The following links are about the same.

Obama's Complicity1 and Obama's Complicity2

This one gives a little more detail on ACORN's Complicity

This one shows that liberals, encouraging the poor to live beyond their means by insulating the loan brokers from the risk, was a primary cause of the meltdown, and that the Bush administration warned of the impending collapse.

So, why weren't the warnings heeded? Maybe because Barny Franks prevented the Bush administration from altering Freddie Mac's course by calling it racism.

And now, after the Mexican government, the press, and Obama lied about 90% (the real number is about 17%) of drug cartel's guns coming from the US, so Obama sent hundreds of agents to find them, but of course, they didn't find very many, cause they don't exist. (sadly, this last link comes from AP, and so it will probably disappear - but I hope I can find a more permanent one later.)

The only good news lately is that Obama has joined the waffle house bunch as he FlipFlops on Tribunals:

UPDATE: A little updating on that Mexican Gun stuff.
Keeping in mind that "FactCheck" is a liberal biased org that will do anything it can get away with to undermine us, they say the numbers are somewhere in between.
Also, from Opposing Views.


Anonymous said...

Comment about Pelosi and the way she and the dems une the war for political gain. It somehow reminds me of the way radical imams manipulate joe blow muslim's fears and sufferiongs into haterd and blame of the West. same with the Palistinians. I think the tactic is universal and maybe a way to spot a bad guy or rotton collective.

Anonymous said...

that fanny freddy disaster really began with the Clinton admisistration. But I heard Bush personally say that he would ensure that all americans could afford the american dream.


TRex said...

It started with ACORN, in 1994. That is indeed under Clinton, but I don't know if Clinton had anything to do with ACORN, at the time.