Tuesday, August 25, 2009

being taught to be un-American

Business (and Government) team up, from time to time to teach people to trust in Big Brother and to not have do anything for ourselves.

Clark Howard has an article this month about employees who have been fired for interfering with robbers or shoplifters. Of course, the store is worried about being sued. Of course this is because the legal system is no longer interested in truth, justice or liberty. It has become only interested in refining the combative skills of the players (the attornies).

And judges are instrumental in making this so. In some cases, legal action has been brought by the government for pointing out that a particular action is unconstitutional.

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Rob said...

Judges also have a very hard time with jurors who know about jury nullification. I will try to find the article but I read about one juror who was threatened with contempt for telling other jurors about it. He did not back down, happily.