Sunday, August 01, 2010

Persecution in America

Anyone who believes Persecution cannot happen in America has not looked, in the last thirty years, at our universities. And it is getting more and more obvious. For many years it has been known that you cannot get a good grade in many classes, unless you profess anti-American, Anti-Conservative, or anti-Christian views. And now, emboldened now be a President who is a Christian Impostor, some schools are even telling their students they cannot graduate unless they renounce their Christian views. And Federal Judges, graduates from these Apostate Universities, are ruling against the Constitutional Foundation of our nation.

Parents need to be mindful that if they expect their children to graduate college with their faith intact, they need to be considering a college that will support their faith. To knowingly subject their children to authorities who hold to the ways of the world is courting disaster.

Churches need to be mindful of this also. There should be consideration of longstanding members of a Church family to send one or more of their own to a Christian University. These are the Days of Apostasy, and if we do nothing, we shall see those around us subject to persecution of this world.

I actually assembled the above over the past couple of days, but then today on the way to work and back, I finally got a chance to listen to a recording from Albert Mohler (Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. President, Southern Seminary) that I had on the back burner for the past few weeks, since I discovered his web site. It is “Cultivating the Christian Mind: Education as Soulcraft & Learning as Discipleship” which was a sermon he gave on 11 Mar 09 at The Augustine School (Jackson, TN).

It is very heartening that he holds at least some of the same opinion that I do.

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