Thursday, February 03, 2011

Random items facing Christians

I find myself to be wholly unprepared, this month, to write a cohesive article on any Christian or Theological subject. I will however bore anyone who wants to read further with a couple of random things I have recently run across.

Christianity and Christian Theology continue to be under attack from multiple directions. Virtually any and all so-called television evangelists are heretical hypocrites. However, one recently did have a coming to terms moment on CNN, when he was backed into a corner and forced to take a stand on homosexuality. He admitted he believed the Bible, and that the Bible calls it sin.

I was impressed. I didn't know Joel Osteen had any use for the Bible, other than as a tool to steal money from people who follow his feel good theology. Of course, so called human rights groups (violent extremists wearing sheep's clothing) and so called baptist pastors (preaching a watered down pseudo christian philosophy) attacked him immediately for telling the truth about what the Bible says.

Chic-Fil-A came under attack for providing box lunches to a marriage seminar. Tolerance among liberals? NOT.

A petition against Chick-Fil-A was posted on the human rights website, urging the company to do more to promote homosexual marriage. Of course, those who put it there even lie about the presence of the petition. After reading an article on "Good As You" stating there was no petition, I looked it up myself and found the petition myself. It was also attacked by college campus gay pride promoters. This is the same reaction as the criminal "pride" groupes that attacked Christian Churches in Califoria last year.

I am concerned that they may back off from their pro Christian, pro Family stance, but for now they seem to be holding firm.

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