Monday, January 09, 2012

Economic Article Commentary

Well, some people are optimistic about the payroll numbers that came out this month, and some are just not too enthusiastic. Count me in that second category. The numbers are good, to be sure. Especially the manufacturing, which added 25000 jobs. But to begin a recovery, we need at least ten more months in a row with numbers like that. And that is just to begin recovery.

To see what dire straights we are in, look at this article:
Almost too Crazy to Believe

I said last year that we seem to be in the end game. I don't know if that end game will last 2 years or 20 years (although I cannot see how it could last 20 years). Of course, there is nothing to say the Rapture won't come in less than 20 minutes, but if I were to lay odds on it, I would say between 2013 and 2023 would be the most likely years for the Rapture. One thing is certain, though, if my predictions are early and we are all here in 2030, we have lost nothing. But if you don't believe, and the Lord returns when you are not ready, it will be bad for you.

Having said all of that. I find myself ready for Jesus to return, but continuing to prepare for the interim, in case He decides to wait a while.

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