Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Obama Reelected

I once again have to consider whether to keep this blog public.  I guess I will, but I am also considering producing a private newsletter only to those who know me and ask for it. (Of course, I also have to know you.)

The newsletter would be monthly, and be part discussion on Biblical Prophesy and part discussion on Prepping and Surviving a collapse of civilization.

I need comments on this subject if I am going to do the newsletter. I would also require some feedback (not every issue) on the newsletter, from time to time. 

I guess I must note that you can leave comments on here and they will remain private if you wish.  That way you can send me your email address or such.   Simply say in the comment that it is private and I will take down the info and delete the comment without it ever showing up on the blog. 

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