Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Just some Wolves in Sheeps Clothing that
I have noticed in the past few weeks.

I was astonished at the number of scam web sites attempting to capitolize on the Virginia Tech shooting. First rule of charitable giving is know who you are giving money to. If you don't know them don't give to them. I suppose the second rule could be to let your pastor do the research for the members of your Church.

Found through Clark Howard:
Student loan scandal at 300 schools.
This should be viewed as a conspirosy to swindle students
out of some of their education funds.

The FBI and TSA are still screwing over honest citizens
Shouldn't the law enforcement devision of the
US government be working to help its citizens?

Some good news from Clark Howard is about working at home.
Same link as the FBI above. Now we have a mediator in our favor.

Other miscelaneous Wolves in Sheeps Clothing
. . promotes internet gambling - not education
. . crisis pregnancy centers - some have been hijacked by rightwing extremists
. . and Experian - these are not free, will cost over $100
I will be glad to expound on any of the above - just leave a comment.


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