Wednesday, May 30, 2007

following up on Mexican hospitality

I see Mexico is displaying their usual neighborly attitueds.

Miss USA gives Mexicans lesson in graciousness
(and just in case that article goes away)

Guess we could have seen that coming after they
displayed their sense of balance in politics.

Border important to Mexico?

Let's get that fence built
border fence know thy enemies


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dw said...

Hey Bush! Illegal immigration is causing lots a problems.

Yea yea! We're workin on it!

Hey Bush! Illegals are jacking up crime and welfare rolls and taking over whole towns.

I know! We are workin on it! Whaddya want? miricles?

Hey Bush! Illegals are bankrupting our infrastructure and entitlements!

I know, whaddya want a miricle.

Bush, the illegals are voting and affecting our politics! Ya gotta do something!

It's a miricle, that's a bipartisian effort.