Sunday, June 03, 2007

copperheads, then and now

I have been running a little behind, (as some of you might have noticed) since April, when I didn't have an postings for a month. That was due to my daughter discovering an employer not filing proper taxes, and attempting to employ my daughter in the scam. Well, not only did she not go along with it, she turned him in to the IRS. I coached her through that minor disaster (got a lot of practice reading up on IRS publications). So now she is looking for another job, and I am back to blogging.

Which brings me to something written in Christian Science Monitor a couple months ago. About the Copperheads of the Civil War. Dissent in the US is nothing new - ask two Americans about something, and you can get three opinions. But at some point, you have to say enough is enough.

When dissent becomes obstruction is a good read on the subject.

The Copperheads of the Civil War paid a high price for their stunts during the war. It is up to us to do what we can to take a toll on their villainous leaders in the near future.

Hat tip to CombatEffective for the link to the article. (See link at right)


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dw said...

"ask two Americans about something, and you can get three opinions." lol! so true.

Wish I had taught my daughter the standards you are teaching yours.

Hey I got a different take on the Copperheads. I did not study the article but it opened wrong in stating;

"The most egregious case of this occurred during the Civil War when "peace Democrats," called "Copperheads," nearly succeeded in defeating President Lincoln's attempt to save the Union."

Save the Union? First, the South had the Constitutional right to susceed from the Union. And I think Lincoln had the Constitutional authority to preserve the union. It was that blood of patriots from time to time thing.

"save the Union", to me is a cliche that supports the denial of states rights. The North won and States rights are today not only diminished, they are not expected nor demnanded under the Constitution.

We need to Congressionally declare war before we can legally punish these modern day Copperheads.

btw (by the way)
I am born in Abelene, TX with lotta kin down their.