Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ephesus announcement pt3

This project isn't meant for unbelievers, or those who have just converted. While they may find good stuff in here - it is meant for the Christian who, after years of sitting in Church and listening to the preacher, and after hearing others talk about the Bible for years, decides to dust it off and read it for his (or her) own self.

I hope those whom I did not create this project for can also find enlightenment, but I think they would be better off seeing their local Baptist Pastor (yes, I am a Baptist. While there are other good Christian denominations, this is the one I know) for advice.

For those of you already reading Luke, I recommend reading and considering each passage (a passage is somewhat shorter than a chapter), rereading it if necessary, to remember it. Except the last half of Chapter 3. Starting with verse 24, this genealogy is in there for some important reasons that are clear to Bible scholars, but are unnecessary (unless you are REALLY into genealogy) for a beginner. In fact, I never read this particular passage, but will look things up in it from time to time.

This book, the Gospel according to Luke, is written by Mary's personal physician (this can be discerned from the first chapter, and some other various clues), to a high ranking theologian. It is fairly simple to read, and while largely written from the viewpoint of an observer, it was largely (but not completely) observed firsthand.


dw said...

Rex, if I myself read Luke again it would be for two reasons I am aware of. Philosophical insights and... I have always wanted to challenge Chritain beleifs from my perspective and understanding. The questions I have are ugly and accusatory and rooted in the same logic amnd moral standard we use to condemn what we see here on earth. I could not do this in good faith cuz I have respect for Christians and somehow fear their God, but my questions and obversations are valid in every sense of the word. If they are not, then your God has maliciously confounded me and made me for the sole pourpose of suffering and destruction and as an inspiration to those that blindly follow? You are an intellegnet man that makes a good arguement after researching a thing. I pick 'you' if your are up to the challenge. Please scuze my arrogance, it is my god given nature.

TRex said...

I had to think long and hard about this today. I have only a little experiance in studying the Bible, and would be somewhat of an amature at debate. (hard to believe, I know, after all that has happened on Combat Effective)

Well, I won't be so brash as to say "bring it on," but I am a "post modern" Christian, and debate is good for my soul. I have seen in you, some far and deep philosophical abilities. I won't pretend that I can answer all of your questions, but I will try.

You already show insight, in saying that God may have made you for the purpose of suffering and destruction and as an inspiration to the elect. The design is not malicious, however, as God wishes none to perish, but haveing foreknowlege, knew before you were consieved that you would ponder these questions and also knows which way you will turn.

Up to the challenge? I don't know.
Willing to try, yes.

dw said...

Rex I feel like an ass here. Prolly cuz I am an ass. I am impulsive and if I be honest, some of that suffering I blame god for is my own damn fault. I withdraw my challenge but believe I can intermittently raise questions with you in comments. If I do, they will be framed in respectful context. I withdraw because I can already tell I will lose. You are not personally offended at assault upon your beleifs. I am offended at your God but respect you. God would be the focus. We are both honest. I already know I will lose. I am not ready to be converted. I like my sins. Did I just crack my own vessel? Not sure, but I am positive I will break it if I challenge you. ;-)

TRex said...

Think nothing of it. You sound like what Luke wrote about (chap 5:36-39). I struggled with the same for years, and still struggle.

You, in my opinion, have never "assaulted" my beliefs, only questioned them (unlike OTB). You have always been fair and honest, and that is why I enjoy our discussions.

I certainly hope you do ask questions. You never settle for the cookie cutter answers - you always ask the thoughtful questions that take some work to find the answers to, and that helps me too.

In being honest ... I have to say that I intended, if nessasary (and because I wanted to find any answers you might need) to enlist help from other Christian scholars. Maybe not fair, but I think you already know I always intend to win (especially when I believe it will help the other guy too).

dw said...

Where can I post a question or contest some concept?

To date I have never met a Christian that was willing to have a conversation based upon common sense or the powers of obversation.

Claiming faith is all well and good and to my thinking, but simply admitting that one has no answer, and neither has their God provided one is in fact honest. And that, in and of itself, shoud never be grounds to dismiss anothers beleif.

TRex said...

Well, if you don't find a spot here in the blog where you think it would be somewhat topical, you could e-mail me. On the other hand, it looks like you just asked a question, sort of.

It looks like you asked me if I can prove God's existance through observation, or must I take that on faith?

While there are complexities in the universe that the passage of time and chance could not have caused to happen (the "wrist watch" argument, in case you have already heard that one), ultimately, the fact that God cannot be proven is why we call it faith.

Anonymous said...

Don't have faith. Just a subtle fear. I hate anything that makes me afraid.