Sunday, December 16, 2007


I began worrying about this company a few months ago. They have historically been known for providing batteries in larger quantities to those of us who use quite a few batteries. This means that as we began embracing LED's, and our use of batteries has dwindled, they might have a hard time staying around. This became more of a concern for me when the local Lowes hardware store stopped carrying Ray-O-Vac batteries (leaving me with virtually no reason to go there).

Should not have worried, though. If I had kept up with the technicle news, I would have known that they have diversified their product line. I discovered this when I needed a new flashlight for my wife's car (you will recall that I work outdoors, and often at night, so I have several lights for myself). As I browsed through the displays, I noticed a couple of new LED flashlights from Ray-O-Vac, and that got my curriosity going.

I have been lamenting that the technology for the headlamp I use at work is getting a bit dated, but it looks like they are creating an assortment of products that I may switch to in the future. This one that I use has been reliable far longer than the ones I used in the past. The switch is getting some wear, but still reliably turns on (the detents are worn almost smooth, however). The only part that seems to be wearing completely out is the elastic headband.

In case the engineers at Ray-O-Vac are listening, a bit less red light in the night vision setting and a 1-watt LED instead of the kripton lamp would be an improvement, and maybe market a replacement headband for when they wear out, would be nice. Otherwise keep up the good work.

For the rest of you, they have several methods for sales outlets, one of which is Rayovac Direct, and no, this isn't a paid post. I don't do that (yet), but I do think a visit to their website is worth the trip.


dw said...

I purchaed a very short halogen flashlight. (bout 6 inches and the radius of an Eisenhower dollar. It has 26 bulbs in it and was great for spreading a nice blue hue light evenly, used 3 triple A's. Was a lil pricy at 20.00 and I accidently washed it. I can't find another. It came from Ace Hardware and haven't found one here yet.

Rex what do you do that keeps ypou out at night?

TRex said...

The lights that have multiple LED's are not that popular, and so are not easy to find in stores, but you might find one on line at

I too had a similar one, with 14 LED's, but I lost it somewhere along the line.

I actually work a rotating shift, whre I work mornings for a while, starting before sunrise. Then evenings for a while, ending after sunset. Then pull night shift for a while. Outdoor equipment maintenance at all hours :-)

TRex said...

In looking further, I was wondering, which things are most important to you about a flashlight? Brightness, whiteness (that bluishness?), even-ness of the light pattern, or some other qualities?


dw said...

For going into in buildings without power, the best light will be one that evenly lights up an area you are looking at and bright enough to read print. I did not really appreciate the blue hue of the LED (Accidently called it halogen)

Brother got duel LED's that strap on the head and are very bright. He loves it.

The LED I washed was bright, and small enough to fit easily in my pocket. I love that.