Wednesday, July 30, 2008

End of July round up

Well, July came and went. In some ways it went by pretty fast, but the five days when my Air Conditioning was out didn't go too fast. (Remember, I live in central Texas)

Late last month, the Supreme Court finally got around to issuing a landmark opinion in a straightforward guns vs gungrabber case. They, in a 5-4 decision decided that the word people means people. Only took them about 99 days.

There was a swift reaction in Georgia and many other places, actually it is obvious they anticipated the ruling in several of those places, and they immediately began allowing people their 2nd amendment rights. Just goes to show that, in addition to having legitimacy, we have to fight to maintain our freedom.

I published two pieces this month, one on Grace vs The Law that I wrote over the past couple months, and one on recent history of the Bible, I wrote a few years ago, but never really published. I got a few lively questions from a friend on Grace vs The Law, and I must remember to thank him for the feedback.

I have begun a series on representative government, by asking if anyone knows which party they would belong to if they really had a choice and who represents them in our government. So far, no one has raised a question or an answer to that.

In my monthly Heroes and Slimeballs section, for the first time, the hero is post humus. For the non military out there, it means he was killed in the process of becoming a hero. I usually point out civilians (non police) who make us safer in our day to day life for this item, so while it does require courage (there must be some risk, and the action must be by choice) to get my attention, the hero doesn't usually pay with his life. But from time to time they do, making them all the more heroic.

My next energy forecast should be out within a couple days, and while the price of gas should drop off another 10 cents or so, I am looking at $5.70, give or take some next spring.

I am thinking of making several of these reoccurring items into regular monthly items, but I don't know if I am up to that. Promising to do something, even monthly is a big thing for me.
Maybe. We shall see.


dw said...

"... asking if anyone knows which party they would belong to if they really had a choice ..."

No Party! We doan knee no dam parties!

All we need are rugged individuals that may or may not agree on any particular issue within the parameters of the Constitution.

Doan let em form a coercive manipulative pecking order within a party and play politics with principles.

Make em all individually accountable for themselves no matter how many of their peers may or may no agree with them on any given issue.

If that were the case all Americans might learn to see themselves as individuals accountable to themselves and their higher principles.

We have no wisdom of leadership because;

All laws are legislated morality.
Secular ideology is trying to define a secular morality but the tools they are working with are derived from morality.

I think the secular progressives should just be honest with themselves and admit that fascism, and communism are the only other secular working models they have to look to and therein lies their dilemma. NO EXISTING SECULAR MODELS MODELS THEY WOULD DARE POINT TOO. They will have to use divisiveness and deceit to break up nationalism. They will have to sell their humanity to even pursue their vision of utopia. For now manipulating nationalism or debasing to their end is their only option.

Simply put, I believe the Ring of Power is reawakened and wants to get back to it's master.

TRex said...

Think I must have gotten you on a bad day. The parties are a nessasary evil. I would rather do without them. Some of us living in states where the majority candidate will get a clear and safe win however can use the party system to send a message to Washington.

Since it wouldn't matter much who the Republicans republicans ran this novemeber, I can safely vote libertarian or constitution party without fear of changing the outcome. If more than 2% of Texans vote libertarian (Bobb Barr) then it will send a strong message that in texas we think the candidates on both tickets are not the "rugged individuals" we would like to see running in the future.

Some we can make individually accountable if we all start paying attention. My representative to Wahington represents about 3% of Texas (510,000) so if I am one of the 5100 people who write to him next year (that is right, only about 1% of the people write to their rep) then I will get some hearing on my letter.

The seculars fail to come up with a moral code. I think you mean all of their moral codes are based on "social norms" which means they are subject to moral relativity. There is no underlying foundation such as the Bible, so if social norms change, their moral code is set adrift.


Anonymous said...

I doan know Rex. Truth is I have no real grip on understanding much of what is happening. I do understand the nature of power and force. If I roll in with a tank locked and loaded and make a demand upon an obvious unresolvable issue that is an obvious threat, then I am not subject to manipulation and confusion. My tank says the dialog is over and it's lights, action, camera. Our two party's are truly amazing. The same difference.

That change Obama is talking about is that same tank analogy I just used. Why are we pretending we don't know That Obama is a civil rights activist presidential candidate and his racist, socialist, separatist supporters will be a lil ticked off when they find out he can't give them what they want over night.

And I am not comforted by the knowledge that 'if I don't like politics then you should move to a nation that does not practice them'. I'd rather move the people that practice our politics with the intent of usurping our nation and freedoms. I do not believe for a minute that our rights and freedoms are intended to, or should protect peacetime subversion and sedition. (Congress did not declare war)

Health care is a fundamental right and not a privilege? I think that calls for a public beating with a rolled up copy of the Constitution. Who has challenged that Democratic position on a Constitutional level in the context of violating their sworn oaths of office? That should be prosecutable.