Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Of Heroes and Slimeballs

I missed my monthly "Heroes and Slimeballs" installment last month. Guess I am not yet a professional writer.

As a reminder of what this is all about, see my January Article.

Or just remember this: "For evil to triumph, it only requires that good men should do nothing." - Edmund Burke

For this month's Heroes:
The guys who jumped on the man who was shooting up a church with a shotgun.

"John Bohstedt tackled the shooter. Immediately two others were on top of him."

Three heroes in less than one minute. It matters not that I seriously don't agree with what that Church teaches, my only regret is that at least one of them, John Bohstedt, died defending his Church.

Note to LESTER PHINNEY, should he find his way here. Good observation.

Slimeball award: I am going to take the easy way out this month. Since I really don't have time to narrow this down to which ever ones are the worst of the bunch, I will simply say Mortgage Servicing Companies in general.

These are generally the companies who you send your mortgage payments to, and who will process the paperwork if you default. They are also the ones who will reap more of a profit if you are late on payments, and still more profit if you default or get foreclosed on. In a few instances, they may even run the "mortgage rescue" companies, organizations proposing to help people who are behind in their mortgage payments, but many just take the money sent to them, and then tell their "clients" (victims) to declare bankruptcy or to walk away.

Hat tip to Credit Slips, especially at the following links:
They sometimes get involved in some brazen, illegal, behavior, as seen here.

Runner up. The producers and programmers who insist on draconian protection of their "work," and add copy protection to news sites, preventing fair use. Attempting to cut and paste from some of the links above gets a pop up warning about copyright. Sad.

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