Friday, January 25, 2008

Monthly Heroes and Slimeballs

I decided that since Counterpane has his doghouse, and privacy international has the big brother award, that I could have a Slimeball of the Month award.

Here comes the hard part. I decided that I would only do this if I could also post something positive, so I have a hero of the month in the same posting. Finding Slimeballs isn't hard, but finding heroes is, so this will only contiinue if I can find a hero each month.

The Hero of the Month for this month is the 14 year old who foiled a burglary with a ball bat. (Hat tip to Combat Effective)

Slimeball of the Month award.
This one is for people, agencies, or organizations that:
  • promote zero tolerance
  • steal the rights of citizens
  • take money from the poor by slight of hand
  • destroy our national sovereignty
  • undermine the defense of our nation
  • promote myths about ...

The award this month goes to Jackson-Heiwitt for their aggressive marketing of their "Money Now Loans," which have come with fees of $70 and up. I think it ironic that last year their ads showed GhostRider on fire (he only lights up in the presence of evil) and this year their ads show dysfunctional people, both the ones using their services, and those needing their services but having gone somewhere else.

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