Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ephesus: Reading Luke

I got off to a somewhat confusing start with this project, by announcing it just before Christmas and recommending the Gospel according to Luke as a starting point (and how to read it). Then I discussed why I started the project and where I came from to get here.

True, I probably should have wrote those in a different order, but I think the highest importance is just to get started. I might get some flak from my teachers on that note, because I have forgotten to say that an important step before attempting to study the Bible is to pray to God for peace and understanding.

Maybe because I wrote this for Christians, I began thinking that goes without saying, but really it doesn't: especially for men, who tend to have a hard time learning to pray. Men, myself included always think we can do it on our own, and that sometimes extends to thinking we can gain understanding without God's help. Not so easy, without God's help, most of us (myself included) will flounder.

As soon as Bible study begins, someone always brings up: which translation of the Bible is best? That is where I expect to go next. Any questions or comments are welcome.

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