Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ephesus: January Roundup

I started off on this project with some mis-steps, but THE place to start reading and studying the Bible is the Gospel According to Luke.

I wrote about why I started this project, and although I had intended to create them in booklet form, but it has become clear they will not fit into a booklet. I am posting these essays on the Internet because I am writing this for people who generally will not sit down and read a book. Hopefully, this format will allow people to read in "bite sized" chunks, and read only the sections that they need.

I have already had to go back and update one article, and some others need update, thus the reason for the monthly roundups. This is where I intend to list the new articles, and list the updated or expanded articles. I will include a little about their subject matter; maybe a sentence or a paragraph. I will also list plans for "Future Articles."

I need to expand Ephesus Project: Cheats and helps.

I plan an article on why Christians need to read and study the Bible, a second article on Dictionaries, a further article on study, and an article on other tools to help with understanding the Bible. Then I will post an essay I wrote a couple years ago about how the Bible got from the hands of the authors into our hands.

And yes, I know ALL of this is "if the Lord is willing" so I ask now that anyone who sees this prays for me.

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