Friday, October 31, 2008

end of quite a month

Well, God saw fit that my mission work would move up the road a little ways. I changed shifts twice this month, took a little road trip and now I have gotten transferred to a different section of the corporation I work for.

A few more miles to drive, and many new people to meet. I guess that is what being a local missionary is all about. I should have seen it coming. For several months, I was getting more questions from the Christians (and the christians) around me, but lately I have been seeing no change in those whom I was sent to. Now I am sent to others. And my bosses think it was their idea. :)

This month I just scratched the surface on batteries, generators, and energy. While lighting is really the least of the energy debate, it makes the news so often that I have written several articles on compact fluorescent lights and LED's. Maybe in the near future I will get around to more important issues of heating, air conditioning, and transportation.

I also opened, but didn't follow up on corporate misbehavior of Bank of America. My ire at them tends to spike from time to time, but I guess I should expect no less than the lowest base behavior, since they are a multinational multibillion dollar corporation (read: national government) interested only in making a lot of money for a few rich people (read: despotic).

I also touched on some of the problems with our elections, with ACORN buying votes, and both parties treating us like we are mushrooms. I did the latter in the blog of one of my main spiritual mentors.

This election will soon pass, but that only means we have more years (Lord willing) ahead of us to prepare for future elections. Hopefully, I will be able to post here some wisdom on how to make our voices heard by our nation's leadership.

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