Sunday, November 02, 2008

time to be ready

Time to start.

The election will be over soon, and no matter who wins, it will be time to get disaster plans in place for you and your family. There are many reasons for this, but suffice it to say that terrorists didn't want us galvanized before the election, but now that it is over, they may take the opportunity to strike during the upheaval that always accompanies the transition to a new government (whether that is a McCain government, or an Obama government).

Have guns ready in case the worst happens. This is not to shoot the terrorists with, though that would be good too, but to keep the peace in your personal space - and allow the authorities to deal with the bigger fish.

Have food, water and other supplies on hand, in case they disrupt infrastructure or transportation. Check your evacuation plans if you live near something terrorists might hit. (you should already have these from 2002.) Have a couple possible destinations in mind for your family to meet up. Have transportation and routes thought out. Have gas in the car or truck. Have a couple changes of cloths packed.

If nothing at all happens. Celebrate that things are better than we though. But be prepared in case they are worse. If nothing at all happens, thank the good Lord and keep those things handy in case a disaster hits in the future.

15 NOV UPDATE: Well, here is the media and national intelligence agencies saying I am right about the possible threat from terrorists.

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