Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ephesus Project Now Bible Study

Well ThanksGiving is upon us. In this holiday time, we might just well reflect on what the first observers of ThanksGiving were all about. They fled to here from Europe, where they had been more or less persecuted by one Church or another for many years. To this end, I encourage everyone to show a little tolerance for people whose idea of Christianity is different from yours. We will need his solidarity in times to come.

Since I added the label "Bible Study" to my blog, I will no longer use the keyword "Ephesus" in my title lines. I also need to re-think how to present the whole concept of Bible Study for Bible Illiterates (which is what I was, only a few years ago). I am thinking along the line of "the part of tens" that I find in the back of all of the "For Dummies" guides.

Not that the Ephesus Project was wrong. I still think everything I put in there is good study advice. I just think there should be a little better way of presenting it.

Of course, blogging itself has its limitations. What I need for this project is a static page that can link to a dozen other pages that I can update from time to time. About the best I know how to do with Blogger is create a link list. I will be looking for some place on my front page to put that link list.

If there is any doubt about the importance of Bible Study, some of the entries on Crunchy Conservative last week.

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