Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This Quarterly Round Up

I decided to change from monthly roundups to quarterly roundups because I don't write here often enough to justify doing it monthly. I also decided to list some of the articles I have updated or where there are comments, for the few people (including me) who follow this blog, but need a way to get follow ups.

Part of this is because it has always bugged me that the news would do a story on some event with significant lasting repercussions and after effects, but I would have no way to follow up to see what happened in the months and years after.

I haven't published my slimeballs list in the last few months because I didn't have time to research and find the heroes that I promised would have to go with them. Let is suffice that there are many slimeballs, but that isn't what this blog is about.

I haven't done much with discussing Bible Study lately. I have been thinking about it, but need a different direction. The "For Dummies" series of books have lists of ten in the back, and maybe I could do a take off on that. I think I could do lists of five or so.

I did updates and or got comments on about half of the articles This has me almost singing with happiness, that someone found my writings worthwhile. (Hmmm, would that be pride?) The following are links to updates and articles that got comments.

I didn't finish my year end article last year
until 5 Jan this year. (and I cheated on the
deadline for this one, but only by a few hours)

I began a book review, promising more after I finished reading it. I will now say that this is a "must read" for Christians I did another review after reading half of it I am still reading it and will review it again

I did a short note on the UN resolution biased in favor of Hamas did one update and got one good comment.

I updated an article on year 2012 hysteria after getting some good comments on it

I fleshed out (a little) my five rules for personal finances.

There are comments and updates on my article about countries one by one succumbing to the Islamist movement.

Got one thoughtful comment, and one possible spam on my article about the increasing number of security cameras in our society.

Received one good comment (from Pilgrim) on my article about the digital TV revolution and its trojan horse.

I have also written comments on some other blogs, and I think it stands to reason, that if I take the time to comment on a blog, I consider it a worthwhile blog (at least it is worthwhile to me and some of my friends).

Combat Effective

Buying Gold and the price of Gold
Obama and his lies about gun control
Honor Killings among Muslims
Economic Policy
Body Scanners in airports

Future Millionaire

Short Selling a home
Rational Accumulation of Wealth

Pilgrim and Stranger

Salvation and The Gospel are not a consensus
Paul Harvey
Economic Justice
Spending Money and Charity-Not
Nature and Relaxation
Charity and the Poor
Police State, Abuse of Power
Witches and other Ideas of Decent Behaviour
Animal Cruelty, Police State, Abuse of Power

Arlo and Janis (This is my favorite comic strip)

A discussion about facebook

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Pilgrim said...

Andy Rooney ain't fit to shine Paul Harvey's shoes ;-)

TRex said...

I don't know what happened there.
Something must have distracted me while I was assembling the links. Else, I am getting dementia.

It has been corrected.


Rob said...

You are the man, TRex. I need to be better about visiting your blog!