Sunday, April 05, 2009

Book Review

I finished reading the book "The Year of Living Biblically" and more than before, I think this is a book that every Christian should read. While the author is a Jew, and not really even a believing Jew, he does have some insights to our faith, the Bible and our view of the view of the world. Some insights that most of us don't get. Like the Sabbath. This is something he really gets; more so than most Christians.

This guy spends a year trying to follow everything in the Bible, and in the process sets out to learn as much as possible about the Bible, and every sect of Jewish and Christian religion. While he still misses the main point about the Bible (and many, many christians do also) there is much to be learned, both about the Bible, and about ourselves. Like the taking the Bible literally. He assembled a bookshelf of materials, mostly arranged from left (everything is figurative) to right (as much as possible is literal) to mirror the liberalism or conservativeness of the authors. And Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell are not all the way to the right edge. Far from it. (As a side note, I learned after Jerry Falwell's death, not to believe what the press says about our Christian leaders)

This is the third, but not the last time I will write about this book. The first two articles are here and here.

In the course of this book, he also goes through some transformations in himself, due to exposure to the Scriptures, such as becoming less angry with those around him (he lives in NYC, so anger at others was just a part of him, before). This shows that even nonbelievers are influenced by exposure to the Scriptures.

Well, as I said, more to come. Right now I have to look into my income taxes. Seems I owe some money this year.

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Anonymous said...

"...even nonbelievers are influenced by exposure to the Scriptures."

Just a note. I think that would be a good point to make to those that do not believe we were ever a Christian nation. I am not Christian yet that comment certainly rings loud (deafening) in my ear.