Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu

Well, an epidemic of swine flue in Mexico is all set to take off in a pandemic, with massive consequenses here in the US. Should we panic? No, of course not, but some precautions are in order. The epidemic will likely be under way, in a big way, before the end of May. The government will likely be ready for it in September. So, the real answer in handling this emergency (like any other emergency) is with the indevidual citizens.

First a couple of MainStreamMedia articles discussing this.
General discussion on what the government is doing.
OK, OK, it is really a campaign ad for Obama,
I guess the author really really likes him.
An article, like what I always say: Don't Panic
And an article showing preparedness in government is lacking

The fist thing to understand about this virus is that you can't get it from eating pork. Unless you are eating a live pig. The virus mainly travels by skin contact, like any other flu virus. While face masks may provide some protection, they are not your best line of defense.

Your best line of defense is to wash you hands, often. Especially every time you walk through the door into your own home from any public place.

And since it is always possible that the local supermarket stocker will get the flu or panic buying will empty the shelves, have at least a few weeks supply of food and soap on hand during this crises.

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