Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ammo Shortage almost over

The ammunition shortage is easing. (And that must be Bush's fault too. )

The article misrepresents some of the facts and totally ignors others, but is correct that the Ammo shortage is easing. I was recently able to find reasonable quatities of ammo at Achadamy.

Demand for guns and ammo began growing last year before the November presidential election. It continued partly because many gun owners were concerned that President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress would reinstate an assault weapons ban or drastically hike taxes on ammunition, guns and firearms materials, analysts have said.

While there hasn’t been such action in Washington, apprehension remains and is likely playing a role in prompting people nationwide to not just buy guns and ammunition, but to stock up on them as well, some gun enthusiasts say.

Truth is, Obama has done everything he can to infringe on the second amendment rights of citizens, and the press has done everything they can to ignore it, or misconstrue it. The press has for the past two years plus, been blaming the ammunition shortage on the war in Iraq, and later on the reaction to the election President Obama. Well, on that last part, they may be partly right. We did stock up a lot of guns and ammo based, correctly, on the premise that Obama is hostile to the Constitution - and especially the Second Amendment (and it is looking like he is just as hostile to the First Amendment, but that is another article).

The real problem began with the militarization of police forces in the late 90's as a poorly managed reaction to the Los Angeles bank robbery shootout. The massive increase in firepower and (practice) ammo usage caused the inital shortage in 2006 and 2007. Of course, that still goes on, and added to the stocking up of citizens in 2008 and 2009.

Back Story, correcting all the myths promoted by the Liberal Associated Press.
More currant story, same author.

If, for some reason, that one fails, try this one,
the article was written on 6 Mar 09

As a side note: Obama has ordered the disarming of Airlines Pilots, choosing Idiocracy over security.

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dw said...

Right on Rex I read the same about the ammo shortage but the contex I read it in was preperations to controll potential riots by the patriots every one is afraid of.
I more believe hard times could come and the non patrriots will go postal when they don't get their entitlement checks. But patriots are the immediate threat to my reads.

I'll be watching for migration of the elites abroad saying they are going on vacation or exyended business..