Monday, November 30, 2009

The Border is Neglected

I was going over my notes, and discovered I hadn't written anything about the border in quite a while. This is not because I don't think it is important any more, but I have just neglected it because it hasn't been much in the news any more. With all the other stuff going on, and not that much happening with the border, it is one area that hasn't gotten much coverage.

There is no excuse for this. While there hasn't been as much immigration activity due to our economy being in the dumps, drug smuggling is still going on, and terrorists can still move freely across our border.

The Army Corps of Engineers does have a border fence assessments site, which, while mostly a big PR stunt, isn't all bad.

Proof that the fencing action is working (June 2008)

The increasing use of bribes by Mexican drug cartels to corrupt U.S. agents comes as Washington is sending $400 million to help Mexico’s army-led war on the trafficking gangs, whose brutal murders have surged to unprecedented levels.

There is, of course, another side of the coin, some ranchers worry how they will get their livestock to water after the border fence is built? Border Fence Plan Worries Texas Ranchers (Oct 2006) and I would never discount that. It is just one hurdle we are required to get past.

Hopefully I won't neglect this topic in the future.

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dw said...

I never forget about the border. I spent time and money on the last fiasco that only resulted in threat to build a fence which I didn't agree with. You build a fence I'll build a tunnel. A real tunnel you can drive through and come up in downtown. And I'll pay for the protection and maintenance of it. There is that much money in drugs.

Eveytime I hear a so called good republican I ask; are they screaming about the rampant political corruption and communist influence and UNCONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY FORCED UPON US. Then the border and public education. They are all political hacks and I find it hard to believe that every election cycle people fall for the same bull from the same people. We were handed a great nation. So great it may take a few more generations to totally ruin it.

I challenged a Marine at PJTV on his idea for dealing with illegals. I though he would chew me up and spit me out. Rather he reevaluated and acknowledged error in his language. I can vote for a man with those values. Palin is a joke to me. If we want to adopt a moral/social banner with her likes we are just wagging our own dog. I like what she stands for but I want a tough seasoned patriotic nationalistic to hell with your frace card veteren white boy in office that understands the nature of raw lust for power and money. That takes balls and ego not vanity. Palin is a joke and the media love good jokes.

I can't believe the repubs will trott out another joke like Mccain unless they are throwing the race or are clueless of what is wrong and assume well all just vote repub cuz the Communists are far worse.