Wednesday, June 04, 2008


While all the world oooh's and aah's over China's civilised facade for the Olympics. Let us not forget what a barbaric totalitarian regime they really are.

This is the 19th anniversary of the massacre at Tienanmen Square. There is now a concerted effort to rewrite history to remove the massacre from encyclopedic references. Some of the references I made to the massacre in an article three years ago have disappeared, and others have been rewritten.

However, the wikipedia article is still mostly there, although enough "related stuff" has been added to it that much of it is difficult to read.

There has been an ongoing campaign by Chinese sympathizers to rewrite the wikipedia article, as this quote shows:
"At present, the Western world still uses this event, which occurred almost two decades ago to break down the Chinese unity. This is a propaganda still used by the West. It is clearly obvious that China is the world's next superpower and has changed a great deal since 1989. However the West still insists that nothing has changed, even though an immense change has taken place."

If anyone thinks that China is becoming nice, think about this (especially the first half of this quote:
9 House Church Christians in Henan Detained for Helping Quake Victims; Two Bible Teachers in Shandong Sentenced to Criminal Detention
Then go to China Aid Association and read the rest of the article.
Here is another quote from the article:
"6 remain in detention under a charge of sending money to a disaster area in the name of a house church"
Note that this article is dated June 3rd. Yesterday, not ancient history.

Not that I am a real big fan of Hal Linsey (I do like him), but from time to time he puts things in a real good perspective.

For those too young to remember the massacre:
China's Olympic blacklist
Targets 43 'types' of religious infiltrators, media employees, 'cult' members
November 10, 2007
© 2008
Beijing's 'new' patriotism fuels anti-Americanism
Dissident Harry Wu: Communist leadership as tyrannical as ever
---Posted: April 14, 2005


Anonymous said...

My friends Chinese wife to be knows little about Tienanmen Square. She went to some the demonstrations but was home the day of the violence. She believes the students and others caused the violence and that the Army tried to avoid harming people, even announcing their approach and pleading with them to disperse. May be true. Even so, no one talks about it and she does not believe the Western reports.

TRex said...

It is easy to believe that evil does not exist in the world, but that is a lie. We live in a world where there is a thin facade of civilized behavior, and a lot of evil is done behind closed doors. In addition, the press, because they are educated and controlled by liberal/leftist establishments will not persue evil done by the Chinese government. Of course, the Chinese government has openly and also secretly, tried to supress information related to the truth about themselves.