Thursday, June 19, 2008

Persecution comes to Canada

Some who know me know that I support the Persecuted Church through some (admittedly, very small) donations to the Voice of the Martyrs.

One of the items they mailed me a while back, is a map showing in which countries and regions persecution takes place on a major or nationally sanctioned level. With only a couple exceptions, persecution of Christians in all parts of the world can be credited to Muslims or Communists.

Muslims try to cozy up to Christians in the US, by telling the public that we are not that much different, and that they are no threat to us, but anyone who looks at Muslims around the world knows better.

In addition, even while trying to cozy up to us, they try to undermine Christianity by trying to undermine the Bible as Truth.

But it seems persecution is happening closer and closer to home. In the US, the attacks are more subtle, such as Hollywood portraying us as weird, and the
occasional school administrator using Political Correctness to attack Christianity

However, in Canada (and several countries in Europe) the PC attack has gained an unprecedented foothold in the legal system. Much like the ACLU has been hostile to Christianity in the US, and gets paid - to be - hostile, there are so called government watchdogs in Canada who are being paid to persecute the Church under the guise of Political Correctness.

These are tribunals, kangaroo courts really, supposedly set up to help people get along in polite society. But in reality, they are being used to persecute Christians for practicing their religion. Yes, I know the article references a government sponsored attack on a Roman Catholic Priest, and that I always have very little good to say about that religion, but an attack on them by Muslims or Gays, (more here) sponsored by the Canadian government, is still an attack on all Christianity.

The pen is reputed to be mightier than the sword -- and probably is, over the longer stretches of history. Over the shorter stretches, the sword is definitive; or, as that great Leftist sage, Mao Tse-Tung, expressed it: "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun."

So, if you think it can't happen here, just remember, it is already happening in Canada.

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