Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Red Cross

Well, the Red Cross disaster relief fund is all tapped out. Had to happen sooner or later. There has been, and will continue to be an upwards trend in disasters. And in some of those disasters, the "victims" have been freeloaders for years and will be freeloaders in the future.

Does that mean we shouldn't help? Of course not. But while I won't tell you not to give to the Red Cross (this is in contrast to my opinion on the United Way and the CFC where I said people should not give), I will say there are others who you might want to give to first.

The Red Cross will not get my money, but that is because I will give it to the Salvation Army first. There are three reasons. First, the Salvation Army is a Christian organization, second the Salvation Army tends to help people faster, and for a shorter period of time, third is the involvement of the Red Cross in Lebanon with Hezbollah (it was only a singe chapter, but that indicates they have loose moral restraint on where their loyalty lies).

I still tell people that charitable giving is not an option for a Christian (unless you are completely broke) but to be careful who you give to, lest your own generosity undermines the work Christians are here for.

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