Monday, June 30, 2008

June End of Month Roundup

In the past, I used this as a collection point for things I had not gotten to in the month, but that isn't the right thing to do. In the future, I will use it to rehash some recent (maybe more than a month) discussions, and maybe to add something to them.

Without a doubt, the biggest news this month has been the Supreme Court ruling on the 2nd Amendment. There has also been stories of persecution of Christians in Canada, under the guise of Human Rights Tribunals. A little more on the subject.

Fuel prices continue to be high, and speculation is part of the cause. But the biggest cause is China's steadily increasing usage. When you want to blame someone for the high price of gas, some of the blame has to go to our willingness to trade with a nation that has no qualms about persecuting Christians and poisoning us. I would expect the price to stay near $4 a gallon for the rest of the year, then rise to over $5 a gallon next spring. This is just some preliminary forecasting.

I recently added some information on my policies for copying articles from this blog, and have begun a section on permanent links to that and other articles of enduring interest. The Ephesus Project is still on hold, but should be getting under way again soon.

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