Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Supreme Court, Busy Day

Well, it is looking like a busy day in the blogging and talk radio worlds. The Supreme Court is supposed to return several decisions today, possibly the most important of which is the case of DC v Heller, that they deliberated on for apparently 99 days (since March 18th). Could they really be this slow? Most of their cases are resolved in 2 to 4 weeks, and this could only mean they are somewhat scared to make a ruling.

My previous entry on this subject and the article on the Supreme Court's simi-official news outlet provide details of what could be so difficult in this case.

Frankly, I could have saved them 3 months work by sending each of them copies of Webster's Dictionary and Black's Law Dictionary. Nonetheless, they will of course, try to hedge and limit the scope of their judgement. They always do. Maybe it's job security, but they always try to reach as narrow a judgement as possible.

The Supreme Court, and the Appellate Courts (about nine of them, known as the Circuit Courts) act like the keel of a boat - forcing the boat to keep as straight a line as possible, and keeping the Law of the Land as constant as possible. Without these courts, the country's laws could be very different every 4 years.

The Supreme Court news site is expecting a lot of traffic today, so I might wait an extra day to look into this. Then of course, it will take a few days for me to analyse it, so I will probably comment again on this in a week or so.

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